Free WordPress blogs and websites in seconds

No email, no credit card ever!

It is real, make a website or start blogging in minutes, even from mobile.

Your site will be on WordPress, the most popular blogging and website software today.

You can use any of 3000 themes and selection of 6000 plugins from .org repository.

Your site for visitors is ads free, ads are showing only to logged in users.

Use any number of your custom domains, absolutely for free.

 No limits on number of visitors and pageviews.

Super easy backup and restore system with auto recovery.

All you need is to pick name for your site and use it in forms below.


If you don’t have a domain, use one of our free domains



If you already have a domain, prepare it (see how) and use form below



More about avatar64 service


Unlimited and Free

You can make any number of sites for yourself, your family, friends, clients or employees. More you create, better. Only requirement is that admin is actual human being working from admin area.

WordPress Powered

Your site will be a “ordinary” WordPress site ready to use all the themes, and about 6000 plugins from official repository, new ones are added every day and everything is set  to auto update.


Uploads, CDN and Caching

For all sites, uploaded files are immediately backed up to cloud storage and available under any path, in any dimension (resized or cropped) and even on any “enabled” domain. Once uploaded, file can’t be deleted and will always be online. By default, static files for all sites and uploads for CloudFlare sites are served from CloudFlare global CDN network. We also cache in Nginx every request from not logged in users so your site can be seen by millions of visitors at full speed without any limits.


Easy Backup & Restore

You can backup or restore your complete site in seconds in few clicks, right from your admin area. Backups are stored in cloud storage and restore works like “time machine”, pick a time and go.

CloudFlare Enabled

If you have domain on free or paid CloudFlare account, you can make sites that automatically get two extra features, SSL and cloud firewall. Just add CNAME record and activate CloudFlare.

Ad Supported

Creating sites is simple, fast and requires no email, credit card or anything. In order to remain free and be self sustainable, we do show ads on your sites, but only to logged in users and no one else.


First thing to do after creating a site

Use your admin password to log in, then click on avatar64 image in your admin area and generate your a64_key.

This key is your only proof that you are true owner of your site. You need it to backup and restore your site and to create new admin user and password when you can’t log in. Also, making your key enables your site to auto recover in case of server hard drive failure. 

Keep your key safe and secure, it can’t be generated again.


To find out more see questions and to get in touch on contact page.