3 000 Themes and 18 000 Plugins Available

All themes and selection of 18 000 most popular plugins from official .org repository
Auto Updates

Automatic update feature is set to WordPress, themes and plugins so your site will always be on the latest version.

CDN, SSL & Firewall

After making a a64_key for a site, site will get CDN for uploaded files, SSL (https://) and cloud firewall by CloudFlare.

Easy Backup & Restore

You can backup or restore your complete site in seconds in few clicks, right from your admin area or by special URL.

Free Managed WordPress Hosting

Simple, powerful and fully automatic blog and website creation service
Absolutely no limits on number of visitors and pageviews.

You can make any number of sites for yourself, your family, friends, clients or employees. More you create, better. Only requirement is that admin is actual human being working from admin area.

Your site will be a “ordinary” WordPress site ready to use all the themes, and about 6600 plugins from official repository, new ones are added every day and everything is set to auto update.

You can backup or restore your complete site in seconds in few clicks, right from your admin area. Backups are stored in cloud storage and restore works like “time machine”, pick a time and go.

  • Free and Private

    No email or credit card needed.

  • Unlimited Sites

    Make as many sites as you like.

  • Free & Custom Domains

    Use our free domains or your own custom domain

  • Easy Backup & Restore

    Integrated, super easy, full site 1-click backup and restore

All uploaded files are immediately and automatically backed up to cloud storage and are available under any path, in any dimension, resized or cropped. So there is no need to do a backup or restore, to regenerate thumbnails or to move or copy your files.

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